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Visual Artists, such as painters, sculptors, artists, photographers and videographers, and creatives in design, constantly offer so much of themselves to the scrutiny and judgment of others. This requires understanding and support, and a unique

set of legal and commercial skills. We support the important and unique contributions of visual artists and all those who support them, such as galleries and agents, benefactors and philanthropists as well as the many and varied arts boards members.

We act for many businesses and creatives in design in its many forms; graphic, industrial and fashion, stylists and agencies.

Our Clients

Making a monkey out of copyright law
A ‘selfie’ snapped by a mischievous macaque who stole a photographer’s camera has demonstrated once again that there is no monkeying around when it comes to copyright law. Wildlife photographer David Slater was understandably miffed when Wikipedia denied his request to take down the photograph – which has since gone viral – on the grounds...
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