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This is the core of entertainment, but now goes beyond the traditional areas of Film and TV into an ever-widening range of areas – including telecoms, technology, digital and internet based media. While this changing landscape gives new and exciting avenues for broadcasting content, and enormous opportunities for growth, it comes with more significant legal issues and risks. TV, Film,

Media and Broadcasting is a team game that requires a variety of people working together. We’re excited to be part of this team. The key focus of our services ranges from the content creators, such as the writers, actors and producers, to all the teams behind the scenes,  crew, post-production and special FX, distributors and exhibitors, to the financiers, banks and investors, regulators and funders.

TV, Film, Media and Broadcasting is a team game that requires a variety of people working together.

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New Screen Australia Story Development Fund Guidelines: what you need to know
Screen Australia has released new guidelines for those interested in applying to its Screen Story Development Fund. Following two months of industry consultations, the changes are intended to create a more streamlined application process and support greater diversity of screen stories from a larger pool of content makers. Changes to the funding process Projects for...
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Too sexy? Cheeky ad frowned upon by Advertising Standards Board
Last month, the Advertising Standards Board (‘the Board’) faced complaints about a couple of cheeky advertisements depicting men in their budgy smugglers. The first ad was promoting Bundaberg Rum and featured a close-up of a man in Speedos with the headline ‘No one does Prime Ministers like us and no one does Rum like us’,...
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What networks and production companies should learn from House of Hancock
In the wake of Channel Nine and CJZ’s apology to Gina Rinehart, production companies should be wary of the issues that landed these companies in hot water with the mining magnate. In this post, principal of DVM Law, Stephen Digby, explains the strategies required to avoid the same fate as TV series House of Hancock....
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Social influencers, brands and agencies: AANA announce update to advertising laws
Clearly Distinguishable Advertising: The AANA pronouncement and the legal impact on brands, agencies & social influencers. It is evident from a casual gaze through social pages or comms industry commentary that brands are increasingly turning to ‘social influencers’ to promote their products through online social channels, with the intent of influencing consumer purchasing decisions in...
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