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The music industry has been disrupted in a major way, and this promises to continue at an ever-increasing speed.  Now more than ever, the long-standing traditional players must adapt and evolve, whilst the innovators and disruptors must protect their positions and manage their risks. Having seen the evolution and changes over time to this industry,

we are perfectly placed to advise record companies, publishers artists and their managers, promoters and distributors, as well as venues, festivals and events operators, not only on their rights positions, but, even more importantly, the new landscapes for the protection, exploitation and value generation of these rights.

We’ve seen the evolution and changes over time to this industry.

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Blog: Marvin Gaye & Co. to ‘Get it on’ in Court against Ed Sheeran
After their huge US$7.4 million win against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for copyright infringement over the hit single “Blurred Lines,” Marvin Gaye’s extended musical family are in court again.   This time they have British musician Ed Sheeran in their sights, alleging Sheeran copied core elements of Marvin Gaye’s 1973 hit ‘Let’s Get It...
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Donald Trumps Queen
At the Republican National Convention earlier this week, Donald Trump entered the stage to Queen’s 1977 hit “We are the Champions”. Shortly after the event Queen responded on Twitter saying the use was unauthorised. It was later confirmed that the Republican National Convention did in fact pay to licence the song from Broadcast Music Inc...
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Licensing of samples v artist freedom
1970s German electronic music band, Kraftwerk, were considered the pioneers of electronic music with their revolutionary distinctive minimalistic sound combining repetitive rhythms and catchy melodies with simplified lyrics often sung through a vocoder. Kraftwerk have been compared to The Beatles in terms of their influence on pop music. The sounds and beats they invented essentially...
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Axl Rose’s Big Issue: Singer files DMCA complaint with Google over unflattering pictures
Axl Rose, Guns N’ Roses frontman, has sought to employ the take down provisions of the US’s DMCA – or Digital Millennium Copyright Act – to demand Google remove certain concert images of him from their search engine.     While it seems at least part of Rose’s motivation is removing unflattering pictures from circulation,...
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