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Businesses that engage in marketing and sponsorship must comply with an ever-increasing and complex regime of Federal and State legislation, general law and industry codes of practice. Accordingly, marketers must pay constant attention to the laws and regulations that can influence and restrict the way a campaign is executed. The dramatic growth in sponsorship investment

worldwide and its unique characteristics have seen sponsorship become an important and effective marketing communications channel. To protect the relationship and maximise the return on investment you need to be aware of the legal and commercial factors that can impact a sponsorship deal in order to protect the relationship and maximise the return on investment.

We have experience in advising and supporting the marketing activities of in-house marketing teams and marketers.  Where sponsorship forms part of this mix, we assist in-house marketing teams across all elements of the marketing mix. We can also assist whether you are the sponsor or the person, team, event or organisation being sponsored.

Parties need to be aware of the legal and commercial factors that can impact a sponsorship deal.

Our Clients

Time to reset the agency-advertiser relationship? Lessons learned from the Advangen litigation
  Ikon Communications’ recent court win against its former client Advangen provides compelling reasons for why it is time to hit ‘reset’ on the agency-advertiser relationship.
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Insincere influencers: how to handle ghosts
Influencer marketing is on the rise, but if brands don’t bother to put their agreements in writing, they’re at serious risk of ghosting.
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‘Sugar-coating’ health claims in advertising
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is sending a warning to food companies to make honest and truthful claims on food packaging in its Federal Court case against H.J. Heinz Company Australia Ltd (Heinz). Background In June 2016, the ACCC commenced proceedings against Heinz, alleging that it made false and misleading representations and engaged...
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The Rise of Influencer Hijacking
Some brands have been attempting to hijack an influencer’s selling power without paying them a penny, explains DVM Law. There is no denying that certain social media users have the ability to influence the purchasing decisions and behaviours of their followers. It is becoming increasingly evident that brands are trying and succeeding in leveraging this...
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