A rapidly growing sector

Franchising, as a business sector, has been rapidly growing in Australia over the last twenty years. Australia is one of the most widely franchised nations in the world. Franchising is a specialised and unique area of law, with a number of complex regulations, disclosure obligations and required contracting provisions. Franchising is highly regulated and there may be commercial and legal ramifications for franchisors and franchisees that do not comply with the required code and disclosure obligations.

We assist local, national and international based franchisors and franchisees with navigating the complex commercial, legal and regulatory franchise landscape in Australia. We have a particular focus on protecting and maximising your investment and the intellectual property associated with a franchise. This includes safeguarding confidential information, securing domain names and determining what trade marks will be used.

We have a particular focus on protecting the intellectual property associated with a franchise.

VM Solicitors goes to the High Court
Last Friday, von Muenster Solicitors brought a Special Leave Application in the High Court of Australia for our workplace safety client who ran an online, subscription-based service. The firm was represented by Stephen von Muenster and Natalie Zwar. The question on appeal was whether the Supreme Court (sitting in Equity) and the Court of Appeal...
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