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The Australian employment relations regime is considered to be one of the most complex in the world today. It is compulsory, confusing and constantly changing. Whilst your people are often one of your most important assets, failure to meet employment obligations and manage employee issues at the outset can result in significant liabilities – from financial penalties to brand damage.

We’re here to provide clear advice and guidance on the processes and documentation required for all aspects of staff engagement, management and termination. We negotiate flexible industrial arrangements and introduce best practice employment policies. We have technical expertise in employment and industrial law including discrimination and trade practices.

We focus on preventative measures and dispute resolution, rather than litigation.

Government coronavirus relief for financially distressed businesses
If your business is experiencing financial distress because of the coronavirus pandemic, see what measures the Australian Government has put in place to help
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Are ‘gig’ workers Employees or Contractors? Uber result for the share economy companies
A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission, Kaseris v Rasier Pacific V.O.F, has found that an Uber driver is a contractor and not an employee. The decision will likely inform how the engagement of other gig workers in the ever-growing share economy will be treated in the future. Background In August 2016, Mr Michail Kaseris...
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Update to unfair contract terms in small business contracts
New laws will apply to protect small businesses from unfair contract terms in standard form contracts entered into or renewed on or after 12 November 2016. The laws will apply where: the contract is for the supply of goods or services or the sale or grant of an interest in land; and at the time...
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