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We’ve developed a streamlined and affordable legal service for the Australian startup community, delivering quality legal services tailored to suit each stage in the lifecycle of your business.

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Our Approach – Legal Services for Australian startups
Every startup begins with an idea.

Dealing with legal issues – and lawyers – is one of the last things that you want to do when you’re trying to bring your idea to life.

Maybe you’re forging a new path in a new or emerging market. Or maybe you’ve got great new tech to take on an industry behemoth. We get all that. We also get that your time is precious, that money may be tight and that your legal requirements are different to our corporate and other clients. That’s why we’ve developed our custom commercial legal services for Australian startups.

Whether it’s regulatory advice about your startup’s unique operating environment, help setting up your company, getting you a great deal with investors, moving you to the USA, hiring a heavyweight employee or negotiating an exit, we have the experience to help you and your startup succeed at all stages in your startup’s lifecycle.

Securing Success for your Startup

You’re at a critical stage in your business. Your startup concept is proven, revenue is increasing, and it’s on the brink of success.

Funding opportunities are surfacing, and, if the business continues on this trajectory, international markets are around the corner and perhaps an exit is in sight. It may not feel it, but this is the time that a business is most vulnerable!

The decisions you make today could determine whether or not you are successful in achieving your goals.

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Our Startup Clients

Here’s what our clients say about our legal services for Australian startups.

“As a fast-growing media tech company, we have needed legal advice around company structuring, customer contracts and commercial agreements. DVM Law have a deep understanding of our business and our industry, so it’s more of a partnership rather than a supplier/client relationship.”


“We really appreciate DVM Law’s flexible pricing and quick turnarounds for legal advice. As a data startup, we operate in a highly regulated environment and DVM Law helped us to understand our legal obligations so we could set up our business for growth” – Tim Paris, CEO, Dataro

“DVM has been able to provide us with practical and strategic legal advice that has been invaluable to the development of our business, including taking a pro-active approach with regulators and helping us to develop terms and conditions that we use for our business around the world.” – Anthony Svirskis, CEO, Tribe

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Unlike other firms that offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution for startups, we prefer to get to know our clients and work closely with you to provide legal services throughout your startup lifecycle, as and when required.

We are conscious that as a startup your legal budgets are limited, especially in the early days when you’re proving your concept and entering the growth stage. That is why startups we work with get access to bespoke discounted legal services and documents and our free client Q&A service.

We like getting to know your business early, so that we are ready when your startup really needs us, like when you are raising capital, protecting your brand or hiring new executive employees.

We operate under a strict policy of transparency. We never charge unless we have an agreed scope of work and estimate with you, so you never have to worry about picking up the phone to ask a quick question.

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