Can I copy and repost photos from Instagram?

Can I copy and repost photos from Instagram? There is a widespread belief in marketing circles that reposting someone else’s photos from Instagram or even taking them to use in a campaign for your startup is acceptable as long as you credit the owner. It can be especially tempting to copy and share images when...
6 key legal risks to watch out for when marketing your startup
6 key legal risks to watch out for when marketing your startup Marketing is a key tool for startups at all stages of the business lifecycle.  Whether you are just getting started, or you are already up and running, effective marketing can help you promote your business and convert leads into clients and customers. However,...
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Securing Success for your Startup
Securing Success for your Startup Did you know that around 95% of startups in Australia fail before exit? There are many reasons for this high failure rate and in our practice we have seen them arise at all stages in the startup lifecycle, from concept, through to growth and a potential exit. Our focus at...
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New Screen Australia Story Development Fund Guidelines: what you need to know
Screen Australia has released new guidelines for those interested in applying to its Screen Story Development Fund. Following two months of industry consultations, the changes are intended to create a more streamlined application process and support greater diversity of screen stories from a larger pool of content makers. Changes to the funding process Projects for...
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No green light for V Energy drinks in trade mark dispute with Coca-Cola
In the recent decision of Frucor Beverages Limited v The Coca-Cola Company, the Federal Court ruled that Frucor Beverages, the maker of V energy drinks, could not trade mark the green colour used to package its V products. The case highlights some of the difficulties of preparing trade mark applications and provides guidance on the...
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The GDPR and Australian Businesses
There has been a lot of interest and concern in Australia about the applicability and impact of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR), which came into force on 25 May 2018. As you delete that final email asking you (again) for your consent, and read the first reports of billion dollar European...
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Extra-fraudinary influencers and fake followers
Extra-Fraudinary Influencers and Fake Followers  In the wake of recent media buying scandals and concerns around production budgets and spends, transparency of media and production buying and the effectiveness of advertisers’ investments in these services is becoming increasingly important and frequently scrutinised. This raises the question of how advertisers and agencies might conduct due diligence...
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