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As a multi-talented media professional, personality or celebrity, much of your success depends on your brand and reputation. With this reputation fully protected and properly supported, you, and your agents and management teams, are then in a position to generate long-term and sustainable growth. In an ever-changing media and entertainment landscape, this is far from straightforward. We provide an extensive talent

and talent management support service which includes identifying our clients business assets, obtaining maximum protection of them and, through a variety of commercial arrangements, optimising their use, coverage and value. We act for high profile, as well as emerging, talent and media professionals such as celebrities, presenters, performers, actors, broadcasters, entertainers and social influencers and their agents and managers.

Our Clients

Extra-fraudinary influencers and fake followers
Extra-Fraudinary Influencers and Fake Followers  In the wake of recent media buying scandals and concerns around production budgets and spends, transparency of media and production buying and the effectiveness of advertisers’ investments in these services is becoming increasingly important and frequently scrutinised. This raises the question of how advertisers and agencies might conduct due diligence...
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Social influencers, brands and agencies: AANA announce update to advertising laws
Clearly Distinguishable Advertising: The AANA pronouncement and the legal impact on brands, agencies & social influencers. It is evident from a casual gaze through social pages or comms industry commentary that brands are increasingly turning to ‘social influencers’ to promote their products through online social channels, with the intent of influencing consumer purchasing decisions in...
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IMDB suing California Attorney General to invalidate Actor Age Censorship Law
The topic of age discrimination has been brought to light in the past few years in Hollywood. Big names in the industry like Meryl Streep have lamented that once women have passed childbearing age they “could only be seen as grotesque on some level.” In response to these concerns, the State of California passed Assembly...
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The Entertainment Industry Act – Last Instalment
In the last of our Blogs on the Entertainment Industry Act, we will look at whether the location of the performer, the manager or agent, or the venue where the performance takes place is relevant in determining the enforceability of your agreement. Whenever we sign legal agreements, there is always a particular location – whether...
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