Our employees are highly valued

DVM is committed to nurturing careers and providing an engaging and interesting place to work. We care about the long-term future of our employees, and provide the right training, conditions and incentives for them to truly flourish.

Stephen Digby


“I’ve always been drawn to people and businesses who can turn new and imaginative ideas into reality. As a lawyer, I have a unique and exciting role to play, not just to observe this fascinating process from the outside, but to be fully engaged in it, and to do my best to meaningfully contribute to it. This drives me personally and directs this business.”

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Stephen von Muenster


“I’m inspired by the convergence of technology and creativity - how technology is being used to create engaging commercial communications. Each day new ideas are emerging, and as a firm we are constantly evolving and updating to provide enabling capabilities for our clients. I find it exciting to be a critical part of a client’s journey, providing them with solutions so they can realise their vision. Oddly enough, outside work I’m passionate about all things vintage. So at work I’m living in the 22nd century, at home the 19th century!”

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Sam Berry


“I’m passionate about the creative and media industries and enjoy finding practical solutions for our clients. It’s great to be a part of such a nimble, innovative team. I find our work incredibly rewarding, particularly because we work so closely with our clients. It’s a great feeling when you see them achieve.”

Chris Paver


“In my past life I was a journalist at Fairfax and I’ve worked on a number of start-ups and publications, so I’m really passionate about the type of work we do and the clients we work with at DVM Law. It’s great working with a down-to-earth, solutions focused, and collaborative team. When I’m not tackling briefs, you’ll probably find me learning how to fly or planning my next adventure holiday.”

Stephanie Scott


“With a background in production and the arts I have a genuine interest in the creative industries and enjoy supporting clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects. DVM Law creates a unique environment to enable me to do this, and achieve the best results for them.”

Stephen Coudounaris


“I always wanted to work somewhere I could feel like I’m making a difference, where fresh ideas and perspectives are welcome. No two days at DVM Law are the same, as I work across a range of clients and briefs. I’m particularly passionate about working with startups, helping realise unique ideas and seeing peoples’ hard work pay off.”

Jennifer Rios

Legal Secretary/Admin Support

“I pride myself in making sure everyone’s day runs to plan and assisting DVM Law's solicitors in providing quality work to our clients. For me it’s always interesting to see our clients’ work out in the real world. Whether it’s a new show on TV or major ad campaign, I love seeing it in action.”

Kylie von Muenster

Accounts and Finance Support

“A lot of what I do is behind the scenes, making sure operations and procedures are in place to support the team at DVM Law. It’s exciting to be part of such a dynamic, collaborative group and satisfying to help enable what they do. Outside of work I also run a family with three children, so you could say I make a lot of lives run smoothly!”


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