The key Terms and Conditions lessons learned from The Today Show scandal
The Nine Network has recently had to defend itself against allegations that its ‘Block of Cash’ giveaway is a scam, following the broadcast of a winner from their home almost immediately after they received a phone call notifying them that they had won the jackpot live on The Today Show. Media outlets, entrants and concerned...
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Not Everything Is About You – Including Your Metadata
The full Bench of the Federal Court has ruled against the Australian Privacy Commissioner’s attempt to have metadata classified as personal information. In basic terms, metadata is data that describes other data. For example, information about the size, resolution and creation date of an image is metadata about that image. Personal information is defined under...
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Risky Business? Is Screen Scraping Legal?
It’s no secret that commercialising data is big business. But is the way you collect data legal in Australia?   A common way for businesses to extract and use data is screen scraping.  This process can provide significant commercial benefits to businesses, but it comes with a legal risk. Depending on the circumstances scraping data...
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Too sexy? Cheeky ad frowned upon by Advertising Standards Board
Last month, the Advertising Standards Board (‘the Board’) faced complaints about a couple of cheeky advertisements depicting men in their budgy smugglers. The first ad was promoting Bundaberg Rum and featured a close-up of a man in Speedos with the headline ‘No one does Prime Ministers like us and no one does Rum like us’,...
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What networks and production companies should learn from House of Hancock
In the wake of Channel Nine and CJZ’s apology to Gina Rinehart, production companies should be wary of the issues that landed these companies in hot water with the mining magnate. In this post, principal of DVM Law, Stephen Digby, explains the strategies required to avoid the same fate as TV series House of Hancock....
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Airlines fined for drip pricing
Leading Australian airlines, Jetstar and Virgin, have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for drip pricing, breaching the Australian Consumer Law, following 2015 proceedings brought by the ACCC in the Federal Court.  The case against Jetstar and Virgin In Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Jetstar Airways Pty Limited [2015] FCA 1263, the Australian...
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